Experience the wild side of Arctic Europe like never before

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rsz_ec-jj-ts-hiking15-romsdalseggen-0413-1326900Of all destinations in the world, Arctic Europe ranks as one of the least explored locations. This year, take an exhilarating 7 days/6 nights adventure across the Arctic Europe with Pacific Holidays. Marvel at the rolling landscapes of the Swedish and Norwegian Lapland and find your inner peace in the picturesque cities of Lulea and Tromsø. On this escapade, we are targeting American tourists, but all tourists from around the world are welcome to join.  Here’s what to expect on this Trans arctic cruise;

Discover magical Lulea 
After leaving the US aboard the Norwegian Air Shuttle on day 1, you will arrive in Lulea on day 2 and check in at Brandon lodge. With over 1300 islands permanently inhabited by 100 people, Lulea is truly the unexplored capital of the world. The breathtaking view of the frozen sea compliments the authentic build of Brandon lodge. The local cuisine is also incredible and represents the true character of this unexplored destination.

Experience nature up close with the snowmobile tour
This is scheduled for day three. After, a distinct Scandinavian breakfast, brace yourself for a 2 hour fulfilled tour through the lakes and the forests.  Lose yourself in the mind-blowing wild nature and rolling landscapes. While at it, look out for the beautiful Reindeers that are always roaming around. Finally, spend the latter part of the day learning the history of the locals.  Their tales of the medieval ages and their cultural inspiration will impress you.

Destination Tromsø 
After the Lulea experience, the next stop will be in Tromsø,  Norway. Tromsø  is uniquely set between the peaks of the Lyngen Alps. The Lyngen Alps inspire the city’s landscape and are a sight to behold. The moment you land here, you will be impressed by how well the city blends wild scenery and urban life. Its location also makes it the perfect spot to observe the Northern lights.

Fun at the Whale Safari and Dogsledding
The whale safari is by far the major attraction in Tromsø. Discover whale species as you explore the waters. Be on the lookout for the beautiful white-tailed eagles and the seals resting on the cliff.
For the adrenaline junkies, you can challenge yourself by riding your team of huskies through the landscape.

Discover wild Arctic Europe with Pacific Holidays for 7 days/6 nights – from $4,499 per person including air from the East Coast.  Feel free to contact us for more information.

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