Experience the Best of Asia With The Orient Highlights Tour!

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If you’ve always wanted to see and experience the best of the Orient, but have hesitated due to the amount of work and planning involved in this type of trip, Pacific Holidays has the perfect solution for you! Our Orient highlights tour allows you to see some of the most breathtaking locations across the region. You’ll be able to get lost in the hustle and bustle of city life in Bangkok and Singapore, and also experience the ultimate relaxation of laying on one of Bali’s pristine beaches.

You’ll arrive in vibrant Hong Kong, where you’ll take in the most popular sights, including Stanley Market and a sunset cruise along the world-famous Fragrant Harbor. The next day, you can take one of our optional tours to see the casinos of Macau or the beauty of mainland China, or spend more time exploring Hong Kong on your own.  Next, you’ll depart for Bangkok, where you can soak up the traditions that have shaped Thai culture for thousands of years while experiencing modern Asian life. Following a good night’s sleep in your plush hotel room, you’ll see the temple of the Goden Buddha and finish the day with a visit to the breathtaking Grand Palace. A sumptuous Thai dinner with local dancing and entertainment will help you feel welcome in this part of the world. You can explore Bangkok on your own the next day before heading off to Singapore. Your vacation will end in Bali, where you’ll have days to visit the pristine beauty of the white sand beaches. Relax and look back on all that you’ve experienced as you take in the serene natural beauty and atmosphere of the island.

When you travel with Pacific Holidays, the difficult work and stress of planning your own holiday are nonexistent. Our experienced team takes care of everything from booking your flights to making sure you have comfortable accommodations in one of the region’s top hotels. You get to relax and focus on the fun details, like which tourist attractions to visit and what exotic food you want to sample first. To book your trip to see the best of the Orient, visit Pacific Holidays today.

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