Exiting Areas to Visit on Your Chile Trip

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Travel to Chile

Often times when you tell someone that you are taking a trip to South America, they will always think of Brazil, Argentina, and Peru. There are some of the finest places across South America. However, you should also think of taking a Chile trip in your next vacation. This is because Chile, a country that was once dull and boring, has recently exploded into something with remarkable and stunning sites that have not been explored fully.

The pinnacle of Chile trips will definitely be Eastern Islands. It is one of the most breathtaking places in Chile. Stretching to over 2300 miles of the west coast and filled with Moai Statues, it is definitely a good choice if you happen to take a trip to Chile. The statues are simply magnificent. Basing largely on the harsh weather conditions of this area, you will be surprised to see how they have been preserved well for many decades.

In addition to breathtaking sights of this location are the Altiplano Lakes, a home to several flamingoes. You can then head to Tatio geyser in the morning to catch a glimpse of the sunrise as geysers erupt into life. Additionally, if you decide on seeing the mountains, then you head directly to Pucon. It is one of those places in Chile that you can easily get to via a bus.

Quite a number of holiday makers love to wine, and this certainly makes a visit to Chile worth every consideration. Chile has been on the world’s map for many centuries because of its wine. If you happen to go their, Casablanca Valley should be your first stop where you can taste one of the finest wines around. You can also take a tour of vineyards as you sample their produce. If you actually fancy buying some few bottles of wine you can easily do that and ship it home.

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