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Korea is a land of diversity and great features. This place has more to offer than you can imagine. It holds some of the biggest corporations in the world like Samsung, which has its headquarters in Seoul. In the daily discussions and debates concerning this region, there is hardly any mention of the Korean peninsula which is a hub to many fascinating and interesting places and islands. The highlands serve different purposes including hosting protected national parks, fishing bases and holiday destinations.

Tours to Korea bring you face-to-face with Jindo Island which is one of these lovable places. You can’t resist the magic that this place offers, no wonder it is highly rated in the region. Ganjuyuk Gyeko is a mysterious sea road that has brought the island huge popularity. During spring, when the tides are at their lowest, a large causeway that connects Jindo to another small island is exposed.

Another great place is Jeju-do, the largest of all Korean islands. It’s also a famous stopover for beach-lovers. Those in honeymoon will also enjoy the serene environment that is created in this place. While here, you can also go for a hike in the area’s largest mountain, Hallasan or simply relax in the black-sand beaches.

There are also national parks that do a good job in giving the visitors the pleasure of real time enjoyment. Alternatively, if you like Formula 1 racing, then the Korean segment for the same is organized at the town of Mokpo.

A Korean tour will bring you an endless world of possibilities in having a wonderful time. Most of its tourist attraction sites are unique and not the usual things that you see everywhere. It is a region where fun has no limits.

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  1. Interested in spending 4 days in Korea befor going on to Tokyo. Would like a service to do some day tours through the sites.

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