Discover the Bohemian Islands of Fiji and Samoa

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From great food to beautiful sandy beaches, the Samoan and Fiji Islands are the exact place you should have your vacation. When you are going on vacation, it is all about indulging your senses, and there are places that should be on your checklists like the Fiji and Samoan Islands. A taste of the more exceptional things in life and exceptional experience of the interaction of cultures is the least of things that you should expect. Discovery of the Bohemian Islands of Fiji and Samoa has a lot of traveling and sightseeing to be done. Therefore, a day or two cannot be enough to experience what this beautiful islands have to offer. That is why we came up with this incredible offer.

We have developed 8 days, 6 nights’ itinerary that gives you the time and space to experience all that the island has to offer. The package ensures that your experience in the island is covered from the day you arrive at the airport to the day that you depart. The meal selection during all these days of the island will tantalize your taste buds and leave you mesmerized. Here is a look at what will take place in those days; Day 1 – be picked from the airport straight to your hotel room. At the hotel, there will be a selection of the finest delicacies offered as a buffet serving. Later, you will take rest and be ready for the exploration on the next day. Day 2 – have a chance to discover the pristine Saletoga sands right by the beach. Day 3 – Relax by the pool and swim or even go snorkeling. Day 3 – take a break and later in the day take a paddleboard or kayak in the afternoon. Day 4 – sit back and relax and just enjoy the magnificent views and contemplate. Day 5 – there are daily trips that let you experience the culture and traditions of the natives. Day 6 – experience the places of the first European explorers on the island and marvel at how the unique features have been maintained to date. On the last day, you might opt to upgrade to the stay at Saratoga island at a villa by the beach just steps from the view of the ocean.

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