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Costa Rica has over the past few years become a dream destination for many Americans, as well as for citizens of other countries around the world.  This small country is filled with friendly people, spectacular scenery, a variety of leisure pursuits, and a sense of “the good life” that envelops travelers and has them wanting to return again and again.

Attractions include the natural beauty, the relatively low costs, surfing, wildlife, and accommodations ranging from luxury to bare bones, from out-of-the-way to “where it’s happening.”  Situated between Nicaragua and Panama, Costa Rica has coasts on both the Caribbean and the Pacific with 800 miles of shoreline, and a wealth of topography inland to satisfy the most adventurous explorer.  A tropical climate, a stable government, prosperous economy, and an informal approach to life and tourism, and it seems in many ways to be the perfect vacation option.

If you’re thinking about planning a Costa Rica trip, you can find a wealth of information, and choose from an active itinerary which might include visits to volcanic peaks, protected wildlife preserves, national parks and beaches; excursions to local villages and coastal adventures to protected coves and inlets which can be reached only by boat.  San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, is also its largest city, and is both modern and historically charming at the same time.  San Jose is located in the central highlands, and is the perfect place to arrive, as well as a convenient departure point for many excursions.

Ex-patriots sing the praises of Costa Rica, and tell of sitting on the beach and enjoying the scenery.  Other travelers return again and again to the same rental houses that offer them unlimited beach time to enjoy life.

The options for group tours are extensive, from compounds suitable for corporate retreats to venues for lavish destination weddings.  The possibility of a family reunion at a secluded location, with enough nearby activities of varying energy levels to satisfy young children as well as senior citizens, can be a terrific idea for a special event such as an anniversary.

The professional travel planners at Pacific Holidays will assist you every step of the way, from making individual flight reservations for all family members to helping with travel documents and car rentals while in the country.  They can even recommend short trips and check out reservation policies at museums and restaurants.  Some other popular destinations you might want to inquire about when planning Costa Rica trips include Montezuma, a former remote fishing village which is favored by eco-tourists; the exotic beach town of Puerto Viejo with its mix of cultures; and Monteverde in the heart of Costa Rica’s rain and cloud forests.

Whatever your final itinerary, be sure to reserve time to just sit on the beach — no matter which coast you choose — and watch either the sunrise or sunset.  It’s an experience that too many people don’t have time or opportunity to enjoy during a normal busy lifetime.  And that, after all, is what the best vacations allow.


2 thoughts on “Design a Family Reunion Trip to Costa Rica

  1. I am looking for accommodation for a family reunion during the Christmas period of 2015. If everyone cam there could potentially be 33 people. Ages range from 12 to 62. Please can you advise?

    • Hi Elizabeth!

      Thanks so much for reaching out.

      That sounds like so much fun! Can we tag along as an honorary family member?? ;) Hahahaha. Just kidding.

      If you contact our main office, toll free at 1-800-355-8025, one of our destination experts would be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have and offer advice on how to make this a Christmas Family reunion all of your relatives will remember throughout their lifetimes.

      Thank you so much for thinking of us.

      Pacific Holidays

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