Get it While it Lasts! See Gorgeous China and the Yangtze River for Less

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For a limited time, travelers can immerse themselves in the culture and traditions that make China one of the most popular places to travel in the world. Situated along the Yangtze River, a region that boasts more than a third of the country’s population, visitors can enjoy luxurious accommodations, round trip airfare and the exotic flavor of local life for a special price. For only $1,999, vacationers will have the opportunity to tour China and have access to top notch accommodations that allow for a first class experience. This is a savings of $1,000, which means that travelers can bring back even more souvenirs to remember their trip.

Explore Wuhan

After flying in from Chicago, Los Angeles, New York or San Francisco, visitors will land in Hong Kong to begin their China tour. Arriving in Chongqing, travelers will have the opportunity to explore the Wuhan, the ‘Mountain City.’ Boasting a history that spans more than 3,500, Wuhan is a hub of civilization and modernity that offers much for those who want to travel to China. A number of museums, such as the Rock and Bonsai Museum and the Hubel Provincial Museum, allow visitors to delve deeply into the unique culture and traditions of this region.

Victorian Cruise of the Yangtze River

The next day, travelers board the Victorian Cruise for a breathtaking four night trip down the historic and mighty Yangtze River. The Yangtze River, at nearly 4,000 miles long, is the country’s longest river and a popular destination for those people who interested in China travel. Home to the splendid and scenic Three Gorges, this Yangtze River cruise also provides other astonishing visual delights as well as multiple opportunities to engage in shore excursions that allow individuals to fully experience China at its best.

Embrace China Travel in Yichang

On the sixth day of the tour of China, travelers disembark from the Victorian Cruise in Yichang during the late morning hours. This gives them lots of time to explore this important port on the Yangtze River. Bursting with both an ancient history that runs deep and a soaring modernity, Yichang is a bustling metropolis whose treasures are waiting to be tapped by those who are traveling to China.

Beijing Mesmerizes Travelers

Beijing offers travelers to China an experience unlike any other. This China tour allows travelers to experience the city for a full day, with an additional, optional day available as well. With a history that reaches back for more than 3,000 years, Beijing offers Tian An Men Square, the largest square in the world and the pulse of this populous country. Travelers can also choose from optional China tours to the outer reaches of the city, such as those that travel to the Great Wall of China and the imperial tombs of the Ming Dynasty.

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