Book a Discounted Trip to Fiji and New Zealand For a Limited Time

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Take a trip to paradise for 12 days and 9 nights by booking a vacation to New Zealand and Fiji. Offered for a limited time at the discounted rate of $1899, this will include the airfare from Los Angeles to New Zealand where you will spend seven days amid the land of the hobbits. Made famous by the Lord of the Rings movies of the early 2000s, you will see New Zealand’s vast green landscapes punctuated by white-capped mountains and stunning ocean views. New Zealand is home to a variety of wildlife, including parrots, penguins, and several species of dolphin.

For three nights, you can experience the sights on the North Island in Auckland, New Zealand, before making your way to Waitomo Glowworm Caves. Illuminated by thousands of glowworms radiating light in hues of bluish green, the cavern’s ceiling looks like the starry night sky with the awesome display reflecting in the underground river below. You can explore the sheer beauty of the cave system by boat, and afterward, you can journey to Rotorua and experience the lush Rainbow Springs with its majestic waterfall and jewel tone river.

You can also see a Agrodome Farm show of sheep and other domestic animals, and you can experience the sights, sounds, and flavors of a Maori Village. Your hosts will prepare an amazing feast cooked on hot stones underground, and you will get to enjoy the traditional songs and dances of the Maori people. Later, you can rent a toboggan, and do some sledding. or climb in a zorb, and go on a ride you will never forget. For Lord of the Rings fans, you can tour the set of Hobbiton used in the movie, and later, you can watch carnivalesque entertainment, and drink a Southfaing ale while dining  at an exquisite banquet.

Your last night in New Zealand, you can drive back to Auckland early to catch your flight to Fiji for your two night stay. You will have access to sandy beaches where you can relax underneath the palm trees, and go for a dip in the Pacific Ocean. While in Fiji, you can snorkle or go scuba diving to explore the colorful coral reef that Fiji is famous for. This entire travel package is available at the rate stated above when you depart from Los Angeles on selected dates. Your price does not include upgrades and transfers to your travel and lodging, tips, meals, and optional tours,

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