Best Time to Visit Central America

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Central America is known for its rather hotter but more consistent climates, thus it is a favorite destination among foreigners whenever it’s winter time in their respective countries. However, it is also interesting to note that there are a lot of rainforests located in this part of the world, thus rains are common throughout the year.

So when is the best time to visit Central America? Here are the months to keep in mind:

1. December to May

The months between December and May are among the best times to go to Central America. This isn’t also because the weather is warm and conducive to all kinds of traveling; this is also the months when celebrations and fiestas kick in. You can choose between celebrating the New Year and witnessing Lenten practices, and mind you-there are still a lot of parties to check out in the middle of those months.

2. June to October

June marks the start of the summer in Central America, so better take advantage of it especially if you’re planning to go to the beaches. Belize offers tranquil summers, while Costa Rica showcases calm waters during this time of the year.

3. May

If you’re into water sports or experiencing the beauty of the Caribbean, then May is the best month to visit. This is when the waters of the Caribbean are most peaceful, thus you can go out and enjoy kayaking, boating and fishing, especially when you’re in Panama. May is also the best time to do outdoor walks and countryside road trips, particularly if you’re thinking of going on a cross-country tour.

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