Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka

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Sri Lankan Leopard at Yala National Park.  License:

Sri Lankan Leopard at Yala National Park. License:

By Our Guest Blogger, Annabel Taylor

Sri Lanka has the most attractive grandeur that will never cease to amaze and marvel any traveller visiting the small island nation that is surrounded by the waters of the Indian Ocean. This island provide home for 8 UNESCO world heritage Sites, 350 waterfalls, 15 national parks and a staggering 25, 000 water bodies. The island has plenty to offer in its beautiful compact self, however, the following places stand out as cruise destinations in Sri Lanka.

Yala National Park-

It is the most popular national park in the country, best known for its remarkable population of elephants. The park is also great for all sorts of other wildlife and provides some of the best wildlife safaris.

  • The park entails a collection of smaller parks that are situated on the south east coast.
  • It prides itself of over 200 species of birds, over forty species of both mammals and reptiles that forms one of the best exciting places especially for a wildlife enthusiast.
  • In addition, the leopard density of Yala is one of the highest in the world. Its diverse ecosystem ranges from marine wetlands to wet monsoon and freshwater.

It is also forms a bird watchers paradise.

Bundala National Park-

The lagoon of this park unveils an amazing array of aquatic birds, such as the great flocks of pink flamingos. It is an essential wintering spot for the birds, having nearly 200 species that make use of the rich foods provided by the rich wetlands.

  • Besides the birdlife, elephants, deer, leopards together with a fantastic array of reptiles render the park worth your cruise.

The West coast beaches-

The west coast of the island depicts the island at its most developed, it’s most tourist-oriented and it’s most westernized.

  • The coast is dotted with a string of fine beaches that are backed by numerous guesthouses and hotels of all sizes and standards.
  • The large, classy resort hotels of Kalutara, Negombo, Bentota and Beruwala are particularly useful to the sun-starved European tourists and visitors especially during the northern winter.

Club Palm Bay Hotel-

This calming club is located in the flushy fishing town of Marawila that borders the unspoiled beach on the northwest coast of the Island.

  • The club is secluded in spacious gardens which rest beside a beautiful lagoon dotted with mangroves.
  • The beach resort provides standard guestrooms with exceptional modern amenities. It is also in an ideal position for boat rides and fishing expeditions to the Negombo Lagoon and the marshes where many species of fish and birds, monitor lizards and dragonflies can be sported and monitored.

Glamorous Galle-

  • While in Sri Lanka, delight yourself in walking or cycling around the quaint streets of Galle town that are strewn with churches, old warehouse, boutiques and beautiful homes.
  • You can begin your exploration with a walk around the fork wall and move on to the National Maritime Museum that is situated opposite the post office.
  • In addition, the town has fabulous restored historic hotels.

From a weather standpoint, the months between December to April forms the best time for such a visit.  In case you are looking for the best cruise destination in Sri Lanka, be sure to check out on the above places. However, before visiting the island, ensure to obtain a Sri Lankan visa that will enable you to cruise around with ease.

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