Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Question about Travel to Korea

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When you plan to travel to Korea, you may have a few concerns or questions about traveling to the country. Ease your worries and find the answers to your questions about Korea travel with these frequently asked questions:

Is it safe to travel to Korea?

Although the country does have a history of conflict, yes it is safe to travel to Korea. South Korea still copes with threats from North Korea; however, as two separate nations, South Korea is safe. South Korea is home to many amazing historical sights and breathtaking scenery, which tourists flock to every year. If you’re worried about your safety while in Korea, book tours of Korea to ensure you’re visiting safe attractions.

When is the best time to travel to Korea?

Korea is a great place to visit anytime of the year. But, be warned, the weather gets quite chilly from December through February. During the summer (June through September) be prepared for monsoon rains. Typically, the ideal time to travel to Korea is from March to May or in October when weather is sunny and warm.

Is travel to Korea suitable for children?

If you plan to take tours when traveling to Korea, be sure to check with the tour agency before hand. Some tour agencies do have age restrictions; although, some exceptions are often made if accompanied by an adult. Depending on the group size and the nature of the tour, children may not be permitted. However, there are often personalized tours which will allow children.

When you travel to Korea, there’s no need to worry about your safety. But, be aware the customs and culture of the country are very different. Although you’ll often be welcomed, be sure to read up on the etiquette of the country as to not offend anyone while on your trip. When you travel to Korea, embrace the culture and enjoy learning about a different way to living.

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