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Planning a romantic getaway? Pacific Holidays has the perfect romance deal in Cook Islands – Rarotonga & Aitutaki Overwater for couples.

It’s easy to be carried away in the hustle and bustle of work, school and all manner of responsibilities. As such, you should spare some to spend with your partner.

Traveling with your partner helps you to reconnect, rekindles your love life and enhances romance more than a gift would, according to a 2013 survey conducted by the US Travel Association.

A Mouth-Watering Deal 8 days/5 nights from $2,999 Per Person Including Airfare from PH

Pacific Holidays presents you an opportunity for a one-of-a-kind vacation to the Cook Islands. It’s time to break from the usual way of doing things. Amaze your loved one with 8 days/5 nights of romance non-stop far away from home.

The vacation will cost you from $2,999 only per person (non-refundable airfare). With that, you’ll be in for a memorable romantic experience with breakfast, transfers, wine and much more.

Departures are only on Saturdays strictly based on the time of booking. This deal will be available until December 8th.

It’s Romance Non-Stop from Raratonga to Aitutaki

Your trip will start on Saturday, which marks the first day of your romantic vacation. Take a flight from Los Angeles to Rarotonga on Air New Zealand. On arrival to Raratonga, we’ll proceed to Sanctuary Raratonga.

Two Days of Romance at Sanctuary Raratonga

Spend some alone time with your loved one in a classy Honeymoon Spa Suite for two days straight on day 2 and 3. A bottle of wine will welcome you to this classy spa. As you relax, get to enjoy the high-speed WiFi. What’s more, wake up to a hot, nutritious breakfast.

While still at Sanctuary Rarotonga, be sure to have fun with your significant other by engaging in the non-motorized water sports, kayaking and snorkeling.

Three Romantic Days of Romance at Aitutaki

On day 4, you’ll take a flight to the airport for a short trip to Aitutaki. Land at the Aitutaki Lagoon Private Island Resort and spend three romantic nights over water.

Besides, a drinking coconut will welcome you to this high-end resort. Together with your love, you’ll get to enjoy fast wifi, a bottle of wine, your best cocktail of the day and wake up to a tropic breakfast buffet.

Transfer Back to Aitutaki Ready for Los Angeles

On day 7, you’ll be transferred from Aitutaki to the airport ready to take a flight back to Los Angeles. And on day 8, Saturday morning, you’ll arrive in Los Angeles.

Enhance your intimacy, strengthen your relationship, and share memorable moments for 8 days/5 nights from $2,999 with the best romance deal in Cooking Islands courtesy of Pacific Holidays.  This hot deal includes airfare from and back to Los Angles, and much more! For more information regarding the deal, contact us at 800-355-8025.

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