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Have you got a vacation of only 8 days? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Pacific Holidays has come up with an amazing offer that can be exactly according to your needs. We believe that 8 days are enough for anyone to have an experience of a lifetime by visiting some of the most historical and sublime places on planet earth.

Tokyo can be your starting point. Japan’s capital has quite a few scintillating places that can be of your interest. Among many, Meiji Shinto Shrine is one which is known for the towering gate that it possesses and the woods that surround it. Apart from that, there are a great number of shrines and temples to go with huge skyscrapers that defy the ending of human imagination. The oldest temple of Tokyo, Sensō-Ji is also a historical place for the visitors to check out to go with all the fun that they can have at the Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea. If you are in Japan, Tokyo has it all for you whether it’s culture, tradition, modernism, you name it, and Tokyo has it in for you.

There are at least half a dozen spectacular museums in Hakone along with the hot springs and Lake Ashi. Hakone can be a place of peace, joy, and relief for a man of taste. If you want to explore the world, you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit a place like this. The Ōwakudani is a renowned volcanic valley with hot springs.

If you are going to visit Japan, then there is no point missing one of the three holy mountains of Japan, the Mount Fuji which is not only world-renowned for its spiritual importance but also for the scenic view that it provides for the tourists. If you like to tour such a breathtaking place Pacific Holidays can make it possible for you at extremely cheap rates.

Like all the other worth visiting cities of Japan, Kamakura too has a great number of museums and shrines. But the most amazing and worth watching the highlight of the city is the statue of Great Buddha in the temple of Kotokuin which is about 13 meter in height and has been standing even before the 15th century’s tsunami.

Package Details

The package for a trip of such versatility is extremely moderate as the price of the package is reduced by 35% which gives you a discount of about $900 as the price is only $1599 for the entire trip. This price includes the airfares from Los Angeles to Tokyo on a midweek day and back home. The package also includes three days of impeccable fun visiting the major portions of these cities and the trip allows you to spend a total of six nights at the Shiba Park in Tokyo.

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