8 Fun Facts About the Winter Olympics 2018 In PyeongChang

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In February 2018 the entire world will be focused on PyeongChang, South Korea for the excitement of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

Here are 8 fun facts about the host city and the games themselves

1. PyeongChang is located east of Seoul in the Gangwon Province.  It is the smallest city to host the Olympics since 1994.  It is the first city in Seoul to have the Olympic Games played there.  Gangwon province is known for the beautiful majestic mountains, vegetables and hanwoo beef which is very tender and delicious.

2. The Mascot for 2018 is a white tiger named Soohorang.  The white color represents the snow and ice of the winter sports.  Many view it as a guardian who helps protect the people and the country.

3. PyeongChang is expecting the completion of a new high speed rail system that will transport passengers from Seoul in one third the time that it now takes.  That means more time to enjoy the games.

Seoul is approximately 2.5 hours from PyeongChang when traveling by car.  The new speed rail will make the trip in about 69 minutes.

4. This is the third time that PyeongChang made a bid to host the Olympic Games in the city.  The two previous times they lost out to Sochi, Russia and Vancouver, Canada.  Their perseverance and consistency did not waiver.  The third time was their lucky charm.

5. As with every Winter Olympics, there are featured some unique events.  One is the Skeleton.

This is a sled sliding game where athletes slide down a slope while lying on a sled, headfirst on their bellies.  It was given this name because the sled was said to look like a skeleton when it was first designed in the late 1800s.

Another event is called the Nordic Combined which is a two sport combination.  It combines cross country skiing and ski jumping.  The score is easier to determine and less time consuming as the two sports separately.

6. The upcoming Olympic games will feature more participants from Mexico.  They have been represented by as little as one participant in recent years, but for the 2018 games three athletes have  qualified.

7. For the first time in twenty years the National Hockey League will not be present nor will they have any participants in the Winter Olympic Games 2018.  The NHL wants to continue their regular season without interruption.

8. Unlike the United States, South Korea does not have an open container law.  People are free to walk around and have drinks.  They are also allowed to carry containers of alcohol in public.



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  1. Youth need to learn how to compete. And in the Olympics just 1 st, 2 nd, and 3 rd get metals. When just participating is an honor.

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