3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Korea

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Traveling is on the bucket list of the vast majority of people. Fortunately, every country in the world has something that makes it special, unique, and worth visiting. Undoubtedly, South Korea is no exception to this rule. If you’re thinking about traveling to a new country sometime in the future, here are three reasons you should visit South Korea.

Amazing Authentic Korean BBQ

One reason you should visit Korea is to enjoy authentic Korean barbecue. Korean food is a definite favorite among people of all cultures and ethnicities. If you’re interested in trying Korean cuisine, authentic Korean barbecue will be an excellent introduction. A typical barbecue meal consists of freshly grilled cuts of beef and pork served with soups, spicy sauces, fresh vegetables, kimchi, and other side dishes. The food is incredibly fresh and the taste is out of this world.

After you try authentic Korean barbecue, you can move on to other dishes. Other popular Korean cuisine include hangover stew, soft tofu stew, mixed seafood stew, kimchi stew, pork bulgogi, and more.

Beautiful Beaches

Another reason you should visit South Korea is the gorgeous beaches. The second largest city in South Korea is Busan, which is situated on the south eastern tip of the peninsula. The beaches in this city are incredibly famous throughout the world for their excellent atmosphere and breath-taking beauty. The Hae-Un-Dae Beach, frequently compared to Florida’s Miami Beach, is the most famous beach in the city. No matter which beach you go to in Busan, you will be able to enjoy tasty cuisine, gorgeous views, and lively parties.

Great Nightlife

Speaking of lively parties, Korea is definitely the place to go if you want to experience the best nightlife in the world. Of the cities of South Korea, Seoul is best known for its great nightlife. Many people who have visited Seoul will attest that the nightlife in this city is essentially nonstop. Alcohol is a given at every single one of the parties and nightclubs in Seoul. The most popular alcohol is soju, which is a popular local rice liquor that is similar to sake from Japan.

Whether you want to enjoy Korean cuisine or spend all your nights at a nightclub, South Korea will definitely have something to offer for you. For more information about why you should visit South Korea, don’t hesitate to contact us. Check out our travel packages if you want a trip to Korea.

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