10-day Korean Vacation Package

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If you’ve ever wanted to visit South Korea, here is your chance. Pacific Holidays has a great vacation package to Seoul, South Korea from as little as $1899 per person. This package includes roundtrip economy airfare, two full day tours with lunch, one half day tour, breakfast daily, and a 7 night hotel stay.

Your vacation begins two days after you depart the United States, due to the time difference. You will make your way to your hotel, the Ibis Ambassador Insadong Hotel, or similar. Your hotel will be at the center of Seoul, with shopping, entertainment, and transportation nearby.

Your first tour will begin on your first full day in Seoul. You will tour the cultural aspects of the city, which includes some royal palaces and the National Folk Museum. The palaces housed the royal family of the Joseon dynasty and holds a good deal of historical information. The National Folk Museum is housed within the Gyongbokgung Palace. You can find historical artifacts, a few exhibition halls, children’s museum, souvenir shop, and more.

On your fifth travel day, you will visit the DMZ, or demilitarized zone. The DMZ is what separates North and South Korea and was established July 27, 1953. Here you can visit the Dorasan Observatory where you can view North Korea. Near the observatory is the third tunnel. This tunnel was built by North Korea and was discovered by South Korea in 1978. It was built 200 feet (60.96 m) below the ground and is said to be capable of moving about 30,000 troops every hour.

On your sixth day, you are free to venture on your own in the morning. Sleep in, go shopping, have lunch, and then go on an afternoon tour with us. We will explore Changdeokgung Palace and its Secret Garden, the final resting place of the royal family. Then, we will tour Insadong Street, known as the National Souvenir Center, where you can go shopping and continue exploring.

The next three days of your trip you are on your own to explore South Korea. You can venture to Tongin Market where you can try their famous stir-fried rice cakes and grilled short rib patties. Or explore the many Korean villages, like the Bukchon Hanok Village, where high ranking government officials and nobles lived during the Joseon dynasty. Don’t forget to try one of the traditional tea houses or make a wish at the wishing well in Cheonggyecheon Stream. There are many things to explore and a lot of culture to take in. Join us on this adventure, to enjoy South Korea.

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